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Fidlock Water Bottle Review

Fidlock system logo
Fidlock water bottle connected to bike

Is this a solution to an issue or a high tech over engineered bit of plastic?

Fidlock history

Fidlock is a relatively young business and concept. Starting out in 2007, Joachim Fiedler, a professional musician wanted a solution to fasteners (something us “normal folk” didn’t even realise was an issue). But that’s true innovation right? 

So, they started making buckles that could be opened and closed easily via an intuitive system of magnets, they wanted it to be a simple to use one handed, even with gloves on.

This idea soon grew from a school bag fastener, which was the first product made. The potential and the multiple applications which could make the opening and closing of things easier was realised and never went away.   

You probably didn’t even realise, that magnetic buckle on high end helmets... Fidlock. 

Fidlock helmet buckle

In 2016 they started the Fidlock bike range. Now we’re talking! (In walks the Fidlock water bottle holder in a room full of bottle cages and mic drops.)

How does it work?

Both the water bottle and bottle holder have magnets inside. Simply hold the bottle close to the holder and it will snap together. This causes a mechanical locking system to also take place meaning your bottle is held secure. When you want to remove your bottle you twist it, which in turn reverses the polarity of the magnets meaning it repels, making it easier to remove.


It comes in multiple bottle sizes, 450ml, 590ml, 600ml and 800ml. Replacement bottles are available individually, with or without the magnetic attachment. You can opt to use your own water bottle with their universal boa connector. But I would suggest opting for their proper bottle.

The base that attaches to your frame is also available separate and in different iterations, they do one that mounts directly to bottle cage mounts, they also do one with a universal mount that straps to frames (ideal for that extra bottle or if your frame doesn’t have cage mounts) We even have one that can attach to bag straps etc.

Fidlock Tex base

Does it hold on tight?

Myself and other staff members have been riding with these bottles for over a year now. We have ridden Wharncliffe countless times, the Peaks, Descend Bike Park and they also endured the Ard Rock Enduro. None of us have lost a bottle once! (Apart from leaving one on the roof of the car 🙄) That’s more than I can say for previous bottles and cages I have used in the past. Including the Fabric Cageless bottle I previously owned, which I had to hunt down on the trail many times. 


Simply put, this is the best water bottle/cage system I have ever used! We have also fit it to so many bikes now and no one has ever had any issues.

The high flow, self sealing and leak proof valve is great and is so easy to use. The bottle itself is shaped nicely with its flatter sides, making it comfortable to hold and easy to squeeze. The valve also has a dirt cover, because nobody wants to eat dirt when they’re quenching their thirst!

Fidlock water bottle high flow valve

Yes, it may seem pricey starting at £32.99 but add together the cost of a water bottle and cage, plus all the replacement bottles you smash as they bounce out on the trails (and the wasted time hunting for sed bounced out bottles) we think it makes it all the more cost efficient! 

There are so many frames these days you can’t even fit a bottle and cage in. For instance YT Jeffsy came with Fidlock as an added extra, as you couldn’t fit a standard bottle on that bike. So for those people Fidlock is a god send. 

Overall we give the Fidlock Water Bottle system 9/10


  • Ease of use
  • Connection is solid (No more lost bottles)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free bottle
  • Mud cover over mouthpiece 


  • Price

The bottle cage is dead. Long live Fidlock! 


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