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Yorkshire dictionary


  • A’gate – meaning ‘get on your way’, ‘be off with you’. “Get a’gate or tha’ll be late fur school”
  • Ah’m – meaning I am. “Ah’m off t’ bog.”
  • Allus – meaning always. “I allus wash behind me ears.”
  • ‘appen – meaning perhaps. “I’ll ‘appen that’s true.”
  • ‘appin – meaning bed sheets.
  • Arse/arse end – meaning posterior, back of something, bottom. Originating in old Norse dialect. “She looks like the arse end of a donkey”. 2. Used to describe a person behaving stupidly. “You’re such an arse at times.”
  • Aye – meaning yes. “Aye lass, I’ll be down for tea in ten.”


  • Ba’ht – meaning without. “On Ilkey Moor bah’t at” (without a hat).
  • Back end – meaning Autumn. “We’re waiting ‘til back end to go away.”
  • Bagsy – meaning to claim something for yourself. “Bagsy me in the front seat” (of the car).
  • Bairn – meaning child. “The poor bairn needs a nap.”
  • Be reight – meaning it’ll be okay. “Don’t worry about her, she’ll be reight.”
  • Beck – meaning a stream or brook. “We’re off fur a swim in’t beck.”
  • Bed side table, drawers and wardrobe – Meaning you’ve eaten too much.
  • Beefin’ – meaning crying. “Stop beefin’ you big baby.”
  • Belt – meaning hit. “Shut up or I’ll belt yer!”
  • Berk – Meaning idiot. “He’s a reet berk”.
  • Black bright – meaning very dirty. “He was black bright when he got in from footie.”
  • Black Leg – Meaning someone who wont join in the strike.
  • Bog – meaning toilet. “I’m off t’ bog.”
  • Bogeyed – Meaning half asleep.
  • Boits. – Meaning shoes or boots.
  • Braunging – Meaning bragging or boasting.
  • Bray – meaning to hit someone. “I’m gonna bray you!”
  • Brew – a cup of tea. Preferably Yorkshire tea. “Pour us a brew will yer love?”
  • Brussen – Stubborn.
  • Buint over – meaning pregnant.
  • Button – meaning nose.
  • Butty – meaning sandwich. “Ooh I think I’ll have a nice spam and egg butty for me breakfast.”
  • By his/her/their sen – meaning he/she/they are on their own.