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Tyre Insert MTB 6 Month Review

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Slicy Rim protection


Possibly the perfect affordable rim protection? 

I’ve been running a Slicy insert for 6 months now, constantly. Here’s an honest review, yes we sell these but we can get all the other brands too. Plus, the bad points are in here! 
Based in France Slicy started making mudguards, and other bike protection products like frame protection in 2016.

Currently the Slicy Smooth is in its version two form which features a honeycomb skin providing better shock absorption and a higher foam density, also benefiting the rider. Furthermore the new ‘slicker’ finish stops sealant sticking to the surface. Existing features include closed cell EVA foam which ensures sealant isn’t absorbed, cut outs along the centre of the insert allow air and sealant to flow through easily. 


Installation is where Smooth excels over the competitors as they do not sit directly against the bead like the tube-shaped alternatives, but slightly higher in the tyre. 
This makes fitting surprisingly fast and easy as all you have to do is; Size the Smooth insert and connect using the provided tape and strap, mount one side of your tyre and then install the insert against the sidewall, then just mount the remaining side of your tyre and add sealant as usual. 


Tyre change / on the trail

Within a month of installInstallation I rode in the Ard Rock Enduro, where a few bad line choices lead to some unsettling sounds from my rear wheel, but, after over six hours of constant riding everything was in check. Keeping in mind this was with around 20 psi in the tyre.

I’m a relatively light rider so this certainly helped, hands down a Cushcore or Rimpact would offer more protection, however for lighter riders they are probably over kill. 
Most importantly I would rather change TEN tyres with a Smooth insert over one with a previously mentioned insert because they are that much easier to work with.                            

Ride feel

Unfortunately Smooth inserts do not offer the same tyre support and perhaps as much shock absorption as some competitors. However this is a compromise that personally is well worth it, considering the price difference and ease of use. 
I used to ride without an insert and never found myself wishing for any of the previously mentioned benefits, so I’d prefer to take the product with less impact to maintenance and use. 

Final thoughts 

The insert had a good amount of slashes and even a bit of a flap cut into it after six months. Positively this shows it did its job and probably saved my rim, I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have finished Ard rock enduro without this insert installed. As previously mentioned while this product doesn’t improve tyre roll in a way some of the competitors do, for the price, you cannot complain with its performance.

Slicy rim protection damaged
Slicy rim protection review image
Another point to note is that when removing the insert to gather images for this write up there was no sealant left in the tyre. The slashes in the insert probably caused some sealant soak up but I hadn’t topped up the sealant since September, so there’s a good chance it would have dried anyway. 

Details and Price 

  • Universal size (29, 27.5 or 26 inches)
  • Anti pinch-flats 
  • Impact protection 
  • Run lower pressure 
  • Doesn’t absorb sealant 
  • Finish race runs without tyre pressure 
  • Special valves not required 
  • Perfect air and sealant flow 
  • £39.99 each 
Available to purchase @ Cykel House 


Overall we give the Slicy Smooth tyre insert 8/10 - This score is only reflective of its lack of side wall support and dampening aspects, as found in the likes of Cushcore. But for less than half the price of Cushcore, what can you expect? What this product excels at is rim protection, as you can see from the pictures above my Hunt rim would have been no doubt destroyed, if it wasn't for the Slicy. So with the modest price tag its already saved me money. Thats value.



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