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Burgtec Bartender Pro Super Soft - Greg Minnaar Signature Edition
Burgtec Bartender Pro Super Soft - Greg Minnaar Signature Edition

Super Soft Bartender Pro Grips

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  • Burgtec Black

The Burgtec super soft grip was designed in collaboration with one of the fussiest riders on the planet. One of the most decorated downhill champions in world, Greg Minnaar.

Mirroring the look and ergonomics of the Bartender Pro, yet with a supple and tacky new outer skin.


Why Bartender Pro Super Soft?


The Super Soft Bartender Pro was developed over the racing season of 2020, tested within an inch of its life to produce a grip with unrivalled vibration dampening. 

So.. when you get to the bottom of the descent, be it a world cup track, bike park or local woods, you will realise that tingling in your hands is a thing of the past.

To create this dampening, the unique pattern was taken from the already proven Bartender Pro and a soft compound rubber was added, which creates a controlled yet comfortable cockpit.

The diameter of the grip itself measures at 31.5mm and is designed to be ergonomically pleasing, and also features a lock on collar to keep those grips in place.


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Greg's signature grip uses the same ultra thin tapered core as Burgtec's current Bartender.


31.5mm Diameter.
25A Rubber Compound.
Single Lock On
Tapered Core