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Rey't Good Service

The Complete, full works, full english with extra bacon and fried bread version of our service package.

Basically, a full strip down to frame and forks.  Think new bike, but still feels like your favourite pair of jeans. 

Recommended every 12-18 months, depending how often your bike or how hard you are on it.  Or, and be honest here, how often you clean it 😜

The Rey't Good Service includes everything we do with the Better Service, plus:

  • Frame cleaned and checked for alignment and damage
  • Threads cleaned and checked
  • Frame and disc mounts faced (where applicable)
  • Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled
  • Headset removed, cleaned, inspected and reassembled
  • Bottom Bracket removed, cleaned, regreased and refitted

*excludes the cost of parts. 

Once you're bike is in the repair stand, we'll provide you with a full quote for any additional parts needed before we attack it with the spanners properly!