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Envy carbon m930 rim
Envy carbon m930 rim


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The ENVE M930 pairs outstanding strength with incredible flat protection, making it the king of downhill race wheels.

With over 80 Downhill World Cup wins and podiums achieved using ENVE's carbon DH wheels, the M930 has a lot to live up to. But in typical ENVE style, the best just got better, the M930 continuing ENVE's DH legacy while adding a 20% strength increase and exclusive protection from pinch flats to create the ultimate race wheel.

What is the M930?

With its 30mm internal rim width, the M930 is optimised for 2.35 to 2.6” tubeless tyres. The wheels come in 27.5 and 29” sizes to cater for tried and tested geometry and the new generation of 29er DH bikes. The 29er version of the M930 has already been race proven on the DH World Cup Circuit under Santa Cruz Syndicate and Intense Factory Racing riders.

Fear of flats during races and the accompanying over inflation of tyres that comes as a result not only compromises your riding confidence to race all-out, but also stifles your bike's potential. To combat this once and for all, ENVE has added exclusive Dynamic Impact Design features to the M930 that make pinch flats a thing of the past, enabling you to ride with maximum confidence for more speed and lower tyre pressures for more control.

ENVE's innovative patent-pending Protective Rim Strip is the secret to outstanding DH performance. Race-proven on the DH World Cup circuit, the custom rim strip is moulded in-house by ENVE and works alongside the rim's full carbon construction to absorb impact energy – protecting the tyre and rim against the biggest hits.

The flat protection of the M930 is so effective that the excessive force it would take to cause a pinch goes far beyond normal testing limits. In fact, in all ENVE's rigorous lab and track testing, the team couldn't cause a pinch flat to occur. The strip also means no tape is required and that the air chamber is completely sealed, maintaining air pressure even if the rim gets damaged in the heat of racing, so you'll be able to finish your run.

This confidence in your equipment means that your mental game will be raised, your tyre pressures optimised for maximum control and you'll finally get to make the most of your DH rig's capabilities. In short, the M930 is more wheel than you'll ever need – increasing speeds and handling for less effort.

As with all ENVE's rims, the M930 is handmade at ENVE HQ in Utah, USA, from raw uni-directional carbon fibre. This gives the ENVE team total control over every aspect of production to ensure a quality product made to the finest standards.

As well as impact resistance, the M930's carbon laminate has been tuned for a smoother ride that improves tracking, control and compliance while reducing fatigue. The bespoke construction process also utilises patented moulded spoke holes, removable bladders for weight-saving precision and a gorgeous paint-free finish to further reduce weight while maintaining strength, stiffness and allowing the beautiful handmade quality to shine through.

Key features:

  • The king of DH wheels
  • Strong, compliant and race-ready
  • Designed and engineered for 2.35” to 2.6” tyres
  • Protective Rim Strip for max pinch and impact resistance
  • No tape tubeless set-up
  • Air retention even if carbon bead is damaged
  • Uni-directional carbon construction
  • Patented Molded Spoke Hole Technology
  • Hookless bead design
  • 5-year Factory Limited Warranty, cover through ENVE's Incidental Damage Protection Programme

Rims are sold as single units and are packaged with the following:

  • Nipples
  • Tubeless setup kit
  • Warranty/information book


M7 and M9 series wheels cannot be ridden without the Protective Rim Strip installed. The Protective Rim Strip cannot be used with any other wheels. These wheels are only compatible with tubeless tyres.

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ENVE Factory Limited Warranty

Coverage for the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the period of five years from the original purchase date. Product registration is required within 60 days of purchase. Second-hand owners are covered from the product's date of manufacture.

ENVE Incidental Damage Protection

This program provides a no-charge rim replacement for your first three years of ownership and a prorated replacement thereafter for damage inflicted upon your SES rim when racing, riding, or transporting your bicycle. Original owners only. Product registration is required within 60 days of purchase to be eligible for this program.

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