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Ohlins TTX22M MTB Coil Shock Trunnion Mount

£ 795.00
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ohlins ttx22m mtb coil shock
ohlins ttx22m mtb coil shock
ohlins ttx22m mtb coil shock
ohlins ttx22m mtb coil shock
ohlins ttx22m mtb coil shock
ohlins ttx22m mtb coil shock
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  • 165 x 45mm (Blue Valve AM)
  • 185 x 55mm (Blue Valve AM)
  • 205 x 60mm (Blue Valve AM)
  • 205 x 65mm (Blue Valve AM)
  • 225 x 70mm (Gold Valve DH)
  • 225 x 75mm (Gold Valve DH)

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The Ohlins TTX22M Mtb coil shock delivers World Cup Downhill performance in a package to suit any bike and enables you to attack the toughest sections faster and harder than you ever thought possible. From the moment it got into the hands of riders, the TTX22M created a massive buzz within the bike industry. Praised for its outstanding performance and a huge range of meaningful adjustability, the shock sets a new standard in high-end gravity componentry.

Why TTX22M?

Designed to soak up even the most challenging World Cup Downhill tracks, the TTX22M shock also provides excellent pedal efficiency over flat and uphill sections. Its twin tube design allows the gas pressure to consistently backup the low-pressure side of the piston to keep it at a controlled level. This ensures a highly consistent damping performance and an instant suspension response for outstanding bike control and unbeatable tire traction over any kind of terrain.
Super simple to set up, the high-speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable for easy tuning on-the-fly.
All our shocks feature a stability mode on the high-speed adjuster, which increases low speed compression to give reduced suspension movements for those times when gravity is working against you.
Just like every product fitted with TTX damping technology, the TTX22M has a race-proven settings bank giving access to a huge range of options for tuning the damper to suit any specific rider, bike or riding style


  • TTX-technology
  • Specifically designed for the enduro/gravity circuit
  • Nitrogen pressurised bladder reservoir system
  • Possible to decrease stroke by 2.5 mm using spacer in the box or exchanging stop cap at a service center
  • Easy to set up with enough adjustment range to suit different riding conditions
  • External, three level high-speed compression adjustment
  • External, 16 click low-speed compression adjustment rebound damping adjustment
  • External, seven click rebound adjustment

Ohlins TTX 22 M Compression Adjust Options

The blue high speed compression adjust valve assembly is trail optimised offering 2 positions of tuning to suit varying terrain. The 3rd position 'lock out' the shock by closing the high speed compression circuit to enable a more efficient pedalling platform when required

The downhill specific gold high speed compression valve assembly is only found on 225 and 250 length shocks. It offers 3 positions of high speed compression control for on the fly adjustment to help find the sweet spot on varying tracks and conditions.

Ohlins TTX 22 M Cylinder Head Options

The iconic shape of the transverse cylinder head is instantly recognisable and unique amongst mountain bike coil shocks. It's a neat and compact package offering easy to reach adjustment for both low and high speed compression adjustment from the riders left hand side. All metric shock sizes (excluding trunnion mount shocks) come equipped with Transverse Cylinder Heads as standard.

On some more compact frame designs the Transverse Cylinder Head may have clearance issues. The more traditional Inline or 'piggy back' Cylinder Head style can be utilised where this is the case. Inline Cylinder Heads offer the exact same levels of performance and adjustment options, just in a different shaped package. Most older non metric shock sizes come equipped with Inline Cylinder Heads.


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