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WYRM Racing Lab 29" x  2.4 Black
WYRM Racing Lab 29" x  2.4 Black
WYRM Racing Lab 29" x  2.4 Black
WYRM Racing Lab 29" x  2.4 Black
WYRM Racing Lab 29" x  2.4 Black
WYRM Racing Lab 29" x  2.4 Black

WYRM Racing Lab 29" x 2.4 Black

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21st June, Paris - Hutchinson, the French pioneer of tubeless cycling tyre technology has today announced the Wyrm, the newest member of its growing Mountain Bike range. An aggressive 29” tyre that has been meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between XC and Enduro.

The result is an incredibly capable downcountry offering ready when deployed on its own or primed to cover the full spectrum of XC, trail and enduro riding across a breadth of conditions when used in combination with other tyres in the Hutchinson range.

Why the WYRM?

The Wyrm takes its name from a giant mythological creature, armed with sharp teeth and claws and ready to attack any situation, faultlessly navigating towards its prey and avoiding blows with unmatched agility. Its armour-like shell, robust and capable of fending off multiple attacks.


Like its namesake, Hutchinson's latest addition to its Mountain Bike range is a force to be reckoned with. Ready to transform a bike's character with a simple tyre change. The Wyrm sits in between the aggressive Griffus and the fast yet capable Kraken 2.4, completing the Hutchinson ecosystem of downcountry, trail and enduro tyres.


Employ the Wyrm as a standalone tyre for a capable, all-weather, downcountry set up or run it upfront with the recently relaunched Kraken 2.4 at the rear for a fast rolling, grippy summer trail pairing. Alternatively, as a rear tyre matched with the ever popular Griffus, it can offer increased speed in conditions where a full enduro setup may be overkill.


The construction of the WYRM is based on a 66 TPI carcass matched with Hutchinson's signature XC Race Riposte tri-compound and Hardskin bead to bead reinforcement. The result is an optimal balance between efficiency, responsiveness and puncture protection.


The Wyrm's large 2.4” volume enables the tyre to be run at lower pressures, while its lower height and low-profile design ensure excellent efficiency, even on dry terrain requiring quick acceleration. A relatively round profile offers a forgiving platform for excellent support on rugged terrain, corners and off-camber sections.


The central tread pattern of the Wyrm takes its inspiration from Hutchinson's XC range, using a dual chevron design where one chevron is designed to improve efficiency and rolling speed while the other focuses on improving traction and braking. Small bridges connect each section of the chevron to create a mechanical linkage, allowing each chevron to function as a solid block.


The central chevrons have been spaced out for effective mud shedding while the side knobs have been set up in an alternating pattern that allows a smooth transition between the centre and the side of the tyre while cornering. The side knobs also incorporate a small groove that promotes further deformation for superior grip.


  • The new Hutchinson beast dedicated to DownCountry.
  • Large chevrons on the central BDR to maximize performance and braking.
  • High lateral knobs to ensure grip in rough turns.
  • A 60 mm section on a 30 mm internal rim.
  • A controlled weight of 950g and a TAN version in TLR made in France.


  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 29 x 2.40
  • ETRTO Size: 57-622
  • Tubeless Ready (TR), fits tubeless rims with no inner tube and also standard rims with inner tube.
  • Bead: Folding
  • Hardskin (HS), textile grid reinforcement.
  • Race Ripost XC (RR xc), specifically tuned rubber durometers to promote low rolling resistance and increase grip.
  • Weight: 950g