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Gavin Richardson

November 21, 2023

Unwrap the Adventure: A Mountain Bikers Christmas Gift Guide

Top must-have gifts for cyclists, handpicked by our expert

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • What do they really want?
  • Top 5 popular gifts this year
  • Santas top 4 categories
  • Staff Picks
  • Conclusion

It’s that time of year again, we are all flicking through Argos catalogue, folding corners and circling anything and everything! 

Well maybe not, but luckily enough we have t’internet these days, making shopping that little bit easier and less stressful.

So sit at home in your pants, or wrapped up in bed with a brew and have a browse of our Xmas gift guide. It might just help you pick something for someone you care about. Or maybe even yourself 😁

While snowflakes fall and the festive tunes play, we're not just dreaming of a white Christmas; we're dreaming of tackling those Yorkshire Moors with a grin on our face.

Peatys link lube
Burgtec penthouse pedals toxic barbie colour

What Do They Really Want?

Before we dive into the festive whirlwind of gift ideas, let's have a butchers at what every cyclist's heart desires. Cyclists, are a unique breed – more particular than a Yorkshireman choosing his pint after a wet ride at wharny. From top of their helmets to the soles of their shoes, there's a method to their madness.


So... a mug with a picture of a bike on and a multitool as flimsy as a flannel just wont do.

Get 'em something they really want this xmas. 

Keep reading and we will look at a variety of gifts with a range of prices to suit all needs.

Top 5 Popular Gifts This Year

Bar Bling

Currently our best selling products by far.

Title is a brand created by non other than Brandon Semenuk, three time freeride world tour gold medalist, five times Red Bull Joyride winner, X-Games real mtb gold medalist and Red Bull Rampage winner 2008, 2016, 2019 and 2021.

So he knows a thing or two about throwing a bike around and the strength components need.

Title AH1 35 Handlebars 38mm Rise Chrome
0% OFF
Title AH1 35 Handlebars 38mm Rise Chrome

Title AH1 35 Handlebars 38mm Rise Chrome

£ 79.99

Wrap it or Strap It?

On bike stortage is a great way to keep tools, tubes and keys close by without filling pockets. 

New this season the very popular Peatys trail wrap. It comes in three different colours and can hold a lot more than you would think. It easily holds a C02 canister, plug kit, your keys and many other things. It's also waterproof so keeps everything nice and dry. Ideal for the current riding conditions.

The strap grips firmly to the frame with no movement ensuring your frame doesnt get damaged. It also has space to strap a tube underneath the pouch itself. 

A real multifunctioning Christmas gift that I would be more than happy to recieve. Wink Wink Mrs Cykel House.

Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap
Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap
Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap
0% OFF
Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap
Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap
Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap

Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap

£ 34.99

Get a Grip

Grips wear out quicker than a pair of "I love mtb" socks. 

Always a staple for any rider, grips are one of the main contact points on a bike so need to be good.

Burgtec are well known for their fantastic Bartender pro grips. In a variety of colours and used by some of the best riders in the world.

You could take a read of our Burgtec grip guide for a more comprehensive look.

Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in black
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Blue
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Grey
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Gum Brown
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Pink
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Purple
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Red
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Orange
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Yellow
9% OFF
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in black
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Blue
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Grey
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Gum Brown
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Pink
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Purple
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Red
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips in Orange
Burgtec Greg Minnaar Grips In Yellow

Burgtec Grips - Bartender Pro – Greg Minnaar Signature

£ 19.99

The Perfect Season For a Night Ride

Exposure lights are well known for being the best lights in the cycling world.

These lights will floodlight any trail and make it look like daytime.

So extend your riding period into winter and get some decent lights.

Exposure diablo sync light
0% OFF
Exposure diablo sync light

Diablo SYNC Mk5

£ 294.99

Who Likes To Clean Their Bike Anyway?

This ceramic coating for your bike is brought to you by GTECHNIQ.

Once applied it can last up to 18 months and creates a water resistant barrier on all your components. This means dirt and mud runs straight off, making cleaning a breeze.

Who wants to be cleaning their bike in this weather anyway?

GTECHNIQ Bike Ceramic
0% OFF
GTECHNIQ Bike Ceramic

GTECHNIQ Bike Ceramic

£ 55.00

Santa's Top 4 Categories

Peatys cleaning, degrease and lubricate kit


Cleaning products are the last thing people want to spend their money on. 

Making it the ideal present, especially in this Great British weather. 

We only sell quality products that we test ourselves, so you can trust you are buying quality.

Clean & Lube


Clothing is another one of those "last thing to buy" products. But they  can make a huge difference to your riding.

From waterproof jackets keeping you warm on those long rides, through to shoes that keep your feet stuck to the pedals. 

Or Choose everyones favourite stocking filler, a nice pair of toasty socks.

royal racing logo
burgtec logo


From Mudguards to Saddles, Handlebars to Hubs.

We have all the components you could desire.

Colourful anodised pedals and components to compliment your bike.

Suspension for those REALLY lucky people from Ohlins or EXT.


Tools etc

Tools are a great little stocking filler. Our Crankbrothers multi tools are a beautiful piece of engineering that will last a lifetime.

Blackburn multitool

Staff Picks


George recommends -  A gift card as a perfect gift. "It's difficult to always know what people will like, with colour choices etc. Sometimes it's just best to get a gift card so they can get the exact product they would like." - Gift Cards


Gavin recommends - The Fidlock water bottle "By far the best water bottle on the market due to it's magnetic locking system. We all ride with them here at Cykel House, we have ridden some of the harshest trails in the country and never lost a bottle. Definitely one of the best investments I have made" - Fidlock water bottles


Gavin recommends - Ride Concept Helion Elite riding shoes. Ride concepts create some of the best riding shoes on the market. With the Hellion Elites being the flagship model. "I own these shoes personally and they are some of the gripiest flat pedal shoes i have owned. Personally Five Ten shoes have gone downhill in grip since being taken over by addidas. But ride concepts have definitely set the new bar." - Ride Concept Shoes


No more socks with bikes on that are definitely not breathable/last as long as cheap kitchen roll soaking up your spilt wine at Christmas.

No more multitools that fall to bits as soon as you use them.

Stick to the real products from real bike shops and save the half hearted "thank you" for your secret santa gift from work.

If you need any advice on any product or just advice on good gifts to give. Give us a call we are more than happy to help and advise on gifts for all levels/styles of rider.

That's what we are here for!




Some say Gavin invented the wheel. They are lying of course, but he does build a mean set.
Chief of Cykel House, aging rider and father of 3. Gavin has been riding the majority of his life in multiple different forms. He created Cykel House out of passion and enthusiasm for the sport which cannot be matched.
Always on the hunt for the best products and latest trends his finger is right on the pulse.

Interesting fact - Gavin won a handwriting competition at age 7. What a legend.
Likes - A well built berm, beer and raw sprouts
Dislikes - Stainburn woods, headset cable routing and lycra

Gavin working on a bike

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