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Gavin Richardson

07 March 2024

Santa Cruz Jackal Custom build

Pumptastic play machine

Another dream build to leave the doors of Cykel House. This time it's a Santa Cruz Jackal and what a good looking bike it is.

It all started with a frame...  So what's next? Decide on what colour components to compliment the frame. So we whittled it down to either black or silver Pike DJ forks with either gold or silver components. But our customer still couldn't visualise it.

So in this case we made a rough photoshop visualisation of the bike so our customer could see what the colours would look like.

Santa cruz gold components
Santa cruz jackal silver components

Now, colour is complete personal preference and this burnt red kinda colour wouldn't go with everything. 

Our customer decided he liked the gold components with black Rockshox Pike DJ forks, personally I think that was a great choice.

Everything else was kind of left in our hands, so after a bit of back and forth, this is the end result.

Santa cruz jackal title handlebars
Santa cruz jackal cykel house
Santa cruz jackal title saddle

Hand Picked Components For Purpose

Title JS1 saddle in brown, why? because it looks cool doesn't it. It also serves a function and is designed to be nipped with the knees when busting out suicide no handers.

Hope pro five santa cruz jackal

Hope Pro 5 wheelset was added. The new Pro 5 is an epic hub with its 108 ponts of engagement and a new labyrinth seal which makes the wheel spin forever, it seems. 

Believe me when I say it's the 'freeist' running hub I have ever laid my hands on, so well done to Hope!

We slipped on a Halo single speed kit as no gears are needed 'ere!

Wrapped those wheels in our DJ favourites, Schwalbe Billy Bonkers in 2.25" wide front and back. Tubed of course as we see no real benefit to a tubeless set up on a DJ bike.

Santa cruz jackal burgtec stem

Title Handlebars to go with the saddle. These things are seriously stiff, designed around freeride and slopestyle riders you know they're up to the abuse.

You'll also notice a little bit of gold peaking out from under that saddle. That's the all new Burgtec seat clamp, sexy I know.

When you're running a Burgtec stem, spacers, top-cap and seat clamp you have to finish the set with a pair of Penthouse Mk5 pedals.

As you probably well know from our previous blogs we absolutely love these Burgtec pedals!

We attached these to a set of Shimano Saint cranks, a solid option for DJ bikes.

Santa cruz jackal burgtec pedals

Whats the spec?

Frame - Santa Cruz Jackal Medium
- Shimano Saint Cranks, Chainring and Botttom Bracket, Halo single speed kit, Gussett chain.
Forks - Rockshox Pike DJ
Brakes - Magura MT Sport
Wheels - Hope Fortus wheelset with pro 5 hubs.
Tyres - Schwalbe Billy Bonkers 2.24
Pedals - Burgtec Mk5 Penthouse, Bullion Gold
Handlebars - Title AH 1 Black 25mm rise
Grips - Title Grips in black
Seatclamp - Burgtec Bullion Gold
Saddle - Title JS1 Brown

Take a look at our dream build video on Youtube

Santa cruz jackal custom build

Final Word

Such a bike is far too beautiful to be ridden, surely... Well let me tell you since this left our doors it's been upside down more than rubber side down, so it's being used its full potential for sure.

Our customer is a downhill racer so this is basically a winter fun bike during the off season. Keeping the fitness and bike control going over those bleak winter months.

But I must say it's a gorgeous winter bike that's for sure.

Don't forget we can build your dream bike too! We ship anywhere in the country so don't let that put you off. We can source pretty much any component and are more than happy to help or advise you in any way.

Contact us on 01977 520852 to discuss your next dream build.



Some say Gavin invented the wheel. They are lying of course, but he does build a mean set.
Chief of Cykel House, aging rider and father of 3. Gavin has been riding the majority of his life in multiple different forms. He created Cykel House out of passion and enthusiasm for the sport which cannot be matched.
Always on the hunt for the best products and latest trends his finger is right on the pulse.

Interesting fact - Gavin won a handwriting competition at age 7. What a legend.
Likes - A well built berm, beer and raw sprouts
Dislikes - Stainburn woods, headset cable routing and lycra

Gavin working on a bike

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