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Gavin Richardson

07 Nov 2023

Evil Faction Custom build

Singlespeed Sideways Dirt Jump Slinger

A custom dirt jump bike fit to be drooled upon.

This is the steel framed Evil Faction, a cult classic. Minimal in looks maximal in steeze points. This particular bike had even more juicy bits added to make it the most stunning DJ we have ever built. Hats off to our customer for the selection of components

The only part we really had any influence over was the wheels. We bounced ideas back and forth and its safe to say the end result is quite something.

industry nine spokes
industry nine hydra single speed silver

We went for a single speed Industry Nine Hydra, custom wheelset in black and silver combo. Creating a turbine effect with the silver spokes should look great when on the gas.

The spokes definitely need a mention. If you havent handled any of the industry nine custom spokes then your missing a treat. Why? Because they are a crazy light, one piece, 7075-T651 hollow alluminium spoke that threads directly into the hub. They dont have nipples so are less prone to wind out. Less prone to fatigue and stress these wheels stay as stif as your nans pleated curtains.

And the lazer etching on the spokes is a stunning detail and shows that Industry Nine really think about the finer details. 


BSD Components?

BSD have been creating qualiy components for BMX since 2007. 

The great thing about BMX components is they are designed to be bullet proof. The BSD substance cranks not only look stunning with there raw welded look, but they are solid. 

The BSD saddle although not for sitting on, there is something about the quality of it that really shines.


The Reynolds 520 steel frame gives the bike some strength and durability. Whilst also offering some Spring to an otherwise stiff bike.

Our customer also decided on some Pike DJ forks in silver to take a slight edge off any harsh landings. The pike DJ has a specifically tuned airspring and damper specifically for this style of riding. Its the fork of choice for many DJ riders.


Cockpit - Our customer went for Title components. You may not have heard of them, but im sure you will see a lot more of them in the wild than you realise.

Title is the brainchild of a certain Brandon Semenuk, very sleek, minimalist freeride components. Tough components designed to be put through their paces.


Schwalbe Billy Bonkers ran the rubber side. Fast rolling with a tread pattern that will see you boostin and roostin.

Whats the spec?

Frame - Evil Faction frame - Rust
- Halo and Reverse components single speed kit. BSD Substance cranks with a profile racing chainring. Gussett slink chain black.
Forks - Rockshox Pike DJ silver
Brakes - Shimano SLX
Wheels - Industry Nine Single speed, 305 rim with custom silver and black spokes
Tyres - 26" Schwalbe billy bonkers
Handlebars - Title AH1 35x38 Black
Stem - Title ST1 35x35
Grips - Burgtec bartender
Saddle - BSD ALVX 


Final Word

Evil Bikes are not so well known for their DJ bikes as they are the Dave Weagle linkage driven full suspension bikes. 

But this is a beautiful piece of steel in the form of a DJ bike. Im sure it will give our customer many great times, be that on the dirt or indoors hidden away from our great british weather.

We also created a dream build video over on our YouTube. You can check that below for a real view into the build.



Some say Gavin invented the wheel. They are lying of course, but he does build a mean set.
Chief of Cykel House, aging rider and father of 3. Gavin has been riding the majority of his life in multiple different forms. He created Cykel House out of passion and enthusiasm for the sport which cannot be matched.
Always on the hunt for the best products and latest trends his finger is right on the pulse.

Interesting fact - Gavin won a handwriting competition at age 7. What a legend.
Likes - A well built berm, beer and raw sprouts
Dislikes - Stainburn woods, headset cable routing and lycra

Gavin working on a bike

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