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Gavin Richardson

30 Oct 2023

Evil Epocalypse Custom build

Electrified Forest Shaking, Shadow Maker

This was a dream build we really enjoyed doing. Our customer had a very bold style in mind. He knows what he likes and isnt affraid to let loose on products some people wouldn't touch. This bike divides the crowds like the parting of the red sea.

You hear the whispers, some people love it and some hate it. The true marmite bike.

Pink shock and fork decals from slikgraphics match perfectly with the rest of the pink components. The titanium shock hardware was hand crafted by American company HUK-TEK

Evil epocalypse with pink burgtec pedals
Evil epocalypse in smoke
Evil epocalypse wheel

Lets talk about the Wheels

Custom built We Are One Convergence Triad rims laced to Industry Nine hubs in pink (because why not?) White Onza Porcupines to really make the pink pop and stand out from the crowd.
Finished off with a touch of pink at the valve end courtesy of Peatys Holeshot Valves.

Evil epocalypse industry nine hub

Previously the customer owned an Evil Calling, but with minimal time to ride the Ebike life was calling. The self serve shuttle machine was the weapon of choice. Ebikes are becoming so popular and its hard to deny the huge advantages of being able to have "a quick blast after work"

but not only that, they rip!


This Ebike needs some serious anchors so Shimano XT brakes it is. This should keep it from getting too tasty downhill. 203mm rotors to match.

Burgtec Mk5 Pedals are one of our favourite pedals of all time. We have never heard a bad word said about them from anyone, we ride them ourselves. One of the best looking and gripiest pedals on the market. We have also done a more indepth review of the pedals 


Whats the spec?

Frame - Evil Epocalypse Small Wasabi Shadow
- GX AXS derailleur and shifter, X01 Rainbow Chain
Motor - Shimano EP8
Forks - Rockshox Zeb Ultimate
Shock - Rockshox Superdeluxe Ultimate Coil
Brakes - Shimano XT
Wheels - We Are One Composite rims, Industry Nine Hydra hubs. Peatys holeshot valves
Tyres - 29" Onza Porcupine White 
Pedals - Burgtec Mk5 Penthouse, Toxic Barbie
Handlebars - Evil Boomstick carbon bars
Grips - Evil Palmela Handerson
Dropper Post - Bike Yoke
Saddle - WTB Volt


Final Word

A bike can be very much like art, its an expression of yourself. The canvas can be painted how you like and art is subjective. Some people will get it and some wont. But who cares? if you love it and you understand it then roll with it. There will always be others that understand it too. 

This bike is an absolute weapon and is capable of taking pretty much anything thrown at it. Its also a reflection of its riders personality. so love it or hate it, your choice. but our customer loved it!



Some say Gavin invented the wheel. They are lying of course, but he does build a mean set.
Chief of Cykel House, aging rider and father of 3. Gavin has been riding the majority of his life in multiple different forms. He created Cykel House out of passion and enthusiasm for the sport which cannot be matched.
Always on the hunt for the best products and latest trends his finger is right on the pulse.

Interesting fact - Gavin won a handwriting competition at age 7. What a legend.
Likes - A well built berm, beer and raw sprouts
Dislikes - Stainburn woods, headset cable routing and lycra

Gavin working on a bike

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