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Evil Faction ll Dirt Jump Bike

Evil Faction II Custom build
Evil Faction Custom Build in the workstand

It all started with the customer looking for the best dirt jump bike he could get. He was toying with the idea of a Commencal Absolute, but we knew we had something special, a very rare sight in the uk. An EVIL Faction ll frame! Made of steel it’s the perfect dirt jump bike.

Evil Faction II Frame with cranks installed

Gusset cranks we’re added, gusset are well known for their strength and durability. Especially suited for this style

Evil Faction II with headset being installed
Pike DJ Ultimates we’re added to the mix. Because…Pike Ultimates right? There is no better fork for dirt jump bikes in our opinion. 
Evil Faction II front wheel

We finished the cockpit with Burgtec bling. Josh Bryceland signature ride high 38s, enduro stem with 35mm reach, stem spacers and top cap bolt in Rhodium silver. Grips were Gusset sleeper high flange. All kept spinning with a Hope headset. 

Evil Faction II Rear Wheel Spinning

The hubs had a beautiful buzz to them. Running a HALO supadrive rear hub meant he’ll be HEARD before he’s seen! Plus Matt Jones has had them on his bikes for years and loves them. 

Evil Faction II Rockshox Pike Ultimate Forks

We paired the hubs with HALO Chaos rims, bomb proof and essential for heavy casing 😂. We wrapped the wheels in Schwalby Billy Bonkers with tan walls. Because tan looks cool on an otherwise dark frame. They are also fantastic dirt jump tyres  

Evil Faction II Oil Slick Chain

Gusset oil slick chain is a nice little touch to make the bike your own  

Evil Faction II Chainstay logo

The subtle EVIL details on this frame are so understated, many people wouldn’t know it was an EVIL unless you told them. No Dave Weagle linkages here  

Evil Faction Custom build side view

Finally finished of with a Gusset seat post and Burgtec Boost saddle. I’m sure you’ll agree this bike is beautiful! It had so much attention when it was in the shop waiting to leave to it’s new home.


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