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Evil Offering V2 X01 Custom Wheels

Evil The Offering XO1 Oil slick spokes
Evil Offering V2 X01 handlebars

The brief was, “An understated, stealth looking bike with a few subtle individual touches.” I think we nailed it! The Evil Offering V2 in Black Out Drunk!

Evil Offering V2 X01 I9 Hub

Industry Nine hubs come as standard on all new EVIL’s but we put a little bit of a spin on these wheels. (No pun intended) more on that later…

Evil Offering V2 X01 side view

With a full XO1 drivetrain, we knew this bike could cope with anything our customer wanted to throw at it. We know his local trails well and understand how both technical and fast they can be. We also Invisiframed the whole bike, for when those trails bite back.

Evil Offering V2 X01 with oil slick spokes

So.. back to the wheels. These are something pretty special. We hand built these wheels using Pillar Wing Titanium Race spokes, these things are not cheap but they look amazing with their rainbow anodising. 

Evil Offering V2 X01

The spokes are shaped like the wing of an aeroplane, there is some mad science behind this that I’m not qualified to talk about 😂. But basically as the air resistance actually comes from the side of the wheel and not directly in front of it, it fixes the issue of bladed spokes not actually being as aero as people think.   

Evil Offering V2 X01 Brakes

Race Face Carbon bars adorn the cockpit, with SRAM Code RSC providing the anchors to stop this monster  

Evil Offering V2 X01 front view

The cable routing on these bikes is an absolute dream, meaning with a little knowledge you would be able to work on your own bike pretty easily. Put the cable in one end, it pops out at the other end exactly where you want it!

Evil Offering V2 X01 Carbon Cranks

Carbon XO1 cranks, for stiffness and great power transfer to that massive 10-52 12 speed Cassette. 

Evil Offering V2 X01 Derailleur

Even the XO1 derailleur is blazoned in carbon parts to keep the weight down, whilst keeping the strength up  

Evil Offering V2 X01 industry nine hubs and oil slick spokes

Every time I look at these spokes they make me smile. We had some real issues getting hold of them, as they don’t have a UK distributor. But with perseverance we managed to source them from a Chinese distributor, they also custom cut them to length for us. Legends. The end result was worth the wait. 

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