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Evil The Following Buyers Guide

Welcome to the Cykel House, Evil the Following Buyers Guide. is this bike for you? Read on to find out.

Evil following riding a ridge

Evil the Following is the short travel bike in the Evil family. but that doesn't mean it's not as fun. Some would say it's more fun.

"The Following is the 120mm 29er that keeps weight to a minimum and fun on full blast. It’ll climb all day and beg for more, it’ll high-five its way through berms, gaps, rock gardens and eye-watering speed on the way down. It’s Evil’s version of a trail bike—the crusher of all things crusher, the rally car of two wheels, and every bit as unclassifiable as its inception—XC Rage, Shred-Country, TRAnihILation, TAll Mountain, nothing does it justice.

Evil the following in motion

Too many bikes are chasing the same Reach horizon as everything gets numbed into aircraft-carrier lengths, and every bike uses the same 65-degree headtube angle—XC to Enduro+, hardtails included. You might as well just pick by colour. Not us.

For the bike that started the entire shred-trail 29 movement, we can’t hit the mute button on loud, fast, and fun times. We need to let the volume roar and the rally car needs to claw after every extra-credit popportunity it can’t help but hit. And now, the rally car drifts uphill

Evil following riding a loose corner

In updating the Following, we’ve kept what makes it so special: lightning handling, shameless pop, and that uncanny ability to be there before you’ve even decided to go there. But we added in that die-hard XC determination with an over-the-pedals 77-degree seat tube angle. It’ll climb, and climb, and climb. And just like the Following we love, it’s first to the beer cooler. Always.

To do this, we kept the wheelbase somewhat reasonable—1,177mm for a size medium. But we still needed to add to the Following’s bounce-off-the-walls enthusiasm so we’re spec'ing inline rear shocks. Fear not, you can run piggyback shocks, but inlines are full of shameless pop. Yes, we’ve said pop a lot. We like pop. We spec RockShox Deluxe Ultimate RC Debonairs and Fox Float DPS Factory EVOLs and the ramp is irresistible—dig deep, engage boost, gap

Evil following riding the edge of a cliff

In designing around SuperBoost+, it didn’t just stiffen things at speed, it allowed us to oversize each cohesive piece within the structural assembly. With everything bigger, and Evil’s renowned time and weather-defying dual row, Klüberplex filled, angular contact bearings, it’s a sustainable ecosystem designed to withstand the rainforest. It also kept our feverishly fast 430mm chainstays and strengthened the rear wheel’s bracing angle. We did not shy away from the hammerheads—this is, after all, Evil’s trail bike and we don’t do anything half-ass here. There’s full-on lockout routing for the rear shock, you can run a zero-stack headset, and we offer a 120mm true lightweight fork option—a Fox 34 Step-Cast.

We went fully internal, tube-in-tube for tidy housings and seamless setup and we shrank the direct-injection carbon chain guide into a svelte modern design wonder. Those who want lighter still—yep, you can take it

Evil following riding the edge of a cliff with a friend

This puts it in full in Strava-seek-and-destroy, overly fit pedaler territory, but this is a Following we’re talking about, and we made sure the Following is every bit the skateboard of the skinny dirt, slasher of the hidden line, defier of categorization destroyer. It’s the king of pop, more so than ever with an inline rear shock, now with an additional 18mm of wheelbase and 25mm reach stability. It lost weight and gained strength—who doesn’t want that? And just like the original Following, it can’t be compared to anything, it’s too far ahead—not even in sight—up and down."

Do you want to pop over every root, rock or roller? then the Following is the one for you. With its 120mm inline shock, it's designed just for that.

It's well balanced with the 130mm RockShox Pike ultimates up front but if you want the bike to be slacker, you can put a 150mm fork in. This would also make the seat angle slacker, so if climbing is your thing stick to the 130mm. want to use it for jibbing and churning the trails, go for a 150mm.

All bikes come with the amazing sounding Industry nine wheelset, with upgrades available for the Fork and shock to Fox or Push Industries.

Available in Sram - GX, XO1 or the futuristic XO1 AXS, which also comes with an AXS dropper post.

Shimano is also available,  XT and XTR. Contact us for the availability of Shimano

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